Consultancy of change

With more than 20 years of experience within the research industry and data visualization, we have delivered full managed solutions to large companies like Google, Samsung, Circle K, Atea etc. Why don't we start a journey of change together?

Our 3 step methology

Asking the right questions is one thing. But without a follow-up and implementation strategy, the customers a left with a bad experience. What happened to my feedback?

Back to the nature of change

What we do?


Do like Google and Samsung and get a complete package of change driving dashboards. We work with the big guys like Tableau, Power BI and Klipfolio.


A change starts with a plan. We facilitate your internal interests with our workshops of change. Do it like Atea, Sas Cargo and other game changers.


Numbers is one thing. Translating it into actions is another thing. Let's facilitate your implementation strategy to turn results into actions.

Customer Research

We do large customer research projects with Atea, Sas Cargo and other bad boys. We do complete projects of customer research.

Employee Research

Why don't you do it like Circle K. Dive into the voice of your employees with our employee research projects. Business start with employees.

Strategic Planning

We facilitate the long term strategies for most of our customers. Let's make a complete plan that covers what to do next.

BI Solutions

Intelligence is one thing. Business integelligence is the next big thing. So why don't we uncover the insights of your business data.

Partner Solutions

We do solutions for Actimo, Klipfolio and Limesurvey. We do advanced setups within their environment. That sounds nice, right?

Change management

All of our setups should facilitate your way of doing change management. We deliver the tools for your organization to develop. Why not just make a change?

Project management

When we do research projects we do the boring part. We keep the deadlines on track and we offer both part and full service projects.

Predictive analytics

We do predictive analytics on top of your research project to reveal the underlaying tendencies.

Customer Journey Map

As a part of our extensive touchpoint program, we offer customer journey mapping to identify your key touchpoints.


Improving NPS in all countries

With Atea we made a plan for NPS improvement in all of their countries. It all started with asking the right questions and engaging their employees in the plan of improving customer loyalty. With dashboards and integrations as the tools for change, we have been through a fantastic journey, where customer loyality has been improved.