Custom platforms made easy

Do you need a certification platform or an advanced data management system? We are right here. We offer custom platforms for our customers.

Our 3 step methodology

Asking the right questions is one thing. Without a follow-up and implementation strategy, the customers are left with a bad experience. What happened to my feedback?

UX Design
We are experts in user experience. All of our platforms are made with the end user as the top focus. Sounds nice, right?

Based on frameworks
All of our plaforms are based on known frameworks to lower the price of starting from scratch. We find the right framework for you.

We always make platforms with the end goal in mind. The first version isn't the last version, so we gear the platform to be scalable.


Identify the specs and the users

We do a workshop with you where we uncover the user needs and the specs. We unlock the needs behind the idea to be able to deliver a great product for the end users.

Platform X
User type 1
Awesome features!


We make a mock-up

Before building a rocket we make a mock-up to prove the system. We should be on track throughout the journey and the end users should be involved.

Your platform has one button:


Testing it on the desired users

We test the platform on end users. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of time on a platform that doesn't make sense for the end user. It's all about making a platform that drives change.



The button is great and it works


Launch the rocket

We launch the platform with you. After the launch we do a last feedback process with you and the end users. The last small changes are made to give the end users a perfect experience of the new platform.


Making an IT certification platform for the banks in Denmark

In collaboration with FSOR and LinkGRC we have made an IT certification platform that help the banks in Denmark to track the IT security level of their subcontactors.