Get essential insights with Informs Touch

Put an automated NPS survey on all of your favorite channels. Get feedback from your essential touchpoints in one dashboard. It's free. It's Informs.

Our 3 step methodology

Asking the right questions is one thing. Without a follow-up and implementation strategy, the customers are left with a bad experience. What happened to my feedback?

Feedback management is all about asking the right questions at the right time.

Use your feedback to turn unhappy customers into happy customers. Compensate when you don't deliver.

Make your feedback a part of an employees everyday. Your employees should improve upon feedback.


Set it up on all of your channels

The Informs Software is made to get you going within 5 minutes. Set up feedback channels on both email, web and SMS and connect it to your customer touchpoints. It's that simple.

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Follow up after bad experiences

You can change customer experiences by following up quickly. Invite them into a new meeting or compensate them with a voucher. This will turn your unhappy customers into ambassadors.

Sorry for our late delivery of goods, we would like to give you a 10% discount on your next purchase.


Celebrate your top employees

All employees have their strengths and weaknesses, so use the customer feedback to improve their weaknesses and celebrate their strengths. This will generate happy employees and increase turnover.


Employee of the Month

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Improve your offering through our analytics

Use the feedback to improve your offering and get more customers. Look at how you can optimize your business in the long term based on the feedback you get. We structure the data to make your decision making easy.

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What's behind it?

NPS survey
ll of your touchpoint surveys are made with the Net Promoter Score as the first question. This enables you to compare with the top companies.

Follow-up module
We have made a follow up module for you to turn your unhappy customers into happy customers

Task manager
List your tasks up in our task manager. It's important to do the right things in the right order.

We have made dashboards ready for top management and ground floor. Easy to read and people friendly.

Multi channel integrations
Integrate to your favorite systems with our multi channel integration module. Get started with automatic feedback in 5 minutes.

Ready made touchpoints
20 years of experience and lots of workshops are compressed into ready made touchpoints for you. Easy, right?


Improving the customer journey from first meeting to end product

With Lind & Risør we set new standards of setting up a complete feedback management program. Automatic surveys in all touchpoints of the customer journey have improved the customer experience of Lind & Risør. The follow-up with customers throughout their customer journey has eliminated gaps in expectations from stage to stage.