Improving sales through gamification

In collaboration with Kahoot and Actimo we have made a Sales League Software that facilitates change management through gamification. Enable the change in your teams with our game.

Our 3 step methodology

Sales is full of winners that like to compete against each other and reach their goals. This often makes sales an individual performance rather than a team performance. We have tried to add the team dimension through gamification.

Tools for teams
Let the change begin within your sales teams. Provide the tools to make the teams want to change without the top management forcing them to.

Sales teams like competition. So our Sales League gives the sales teams an oppotunity to compete against each other.

Team spirit
By making logos for each team we enable the team spirit within the sales teams. Sales is a team sport, not an individual performace.


Set up your sales teams and enable sales data

It takes 10 minutes to set up all of your sales teams. Let them choose their own logo and start the team spirit process. Real-time sales data is set up in the Sales League platform and you are ready to go.

Sales team Amsterdam


Carl Wiliamson, Henry Cooper, Billy Walker, Hans Peters


Competition between teams with League Standings

Let the sales teams compete with each other through our League standings. See the top performers of each team and the top performers of the whole league.


1. Sales Team Amsterdam
2. Sales Team Utrecht
3. Sales Team Rotterdam


Team improvement through eNPS and NPS

Enable the team improvement by giving them the tools for improving team spirit and the customer experience. The team manager should facilitate this process and manage the team like a manager game.


Reward the top teams

By rewarding the top teams on a monthly or weekly basis you engage all sales teams further. Our reward system will enable teams to improve even if they are at the top of the league.


Improving Sales through Sales League with Workshop

With Workshop we have launched a Sales League for the sales division within a global retailer. We use Actimo to enable the sales training and we use our Sales League to enable the competition within each retailer. Sales is all about bottom up change.