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The Self-Governing Organization.

At Informs, we hold the belief that individuals possess both the capability and the inclination to enact positive change. We contend that people flourish within an environment of inclusivity and collective accountability, where anyone can assume leadership or supportive roles given the appropriate conditions. This conviction has led us to overhaul our organizational structure radically, eschewing middle management, team structures, KPIs, and conventional hierarchies. Our employees are granted autonomy to lead themselves, operating within a dynamic, fluid project framework – resembling more an organism than a traditional organization.

Our aim is to set a precedent through our actions and to impart our methods to other organizations, advocating for similar modes of operation.

Data is our method and mindset.

How do we keep up in a world undergoing fundamental changes at a speed we’ve only just begun to understand the implications of?

We need genuinely sustainable innovation because it requires us to think and act in new ways. That’s precisely what data can help us do and why we’re here.

Using data as a method and mindset, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and organizations to focus their innovation efforts by enabling them to leverage data insights effectively: expand their perspectives and zoom in on the needs of humans, societies, and our planet. We empower businesses and organizations to innovate with more significant impact with data-driven knowledge, problem-solving expertise, and hands-on tools.

We’ve been in business for over 10 years – a period of major societal transitions. Over the years, we’ve seen how collaboration is key to eliminating the silos that get in the way of innovation. That’s why we design strong partnerships where businesses and organizations work together across industries to drive data-driven, digital, and social transformations with long-lasting results.

Data-driven missions.

We use data-driven missions to achieve these complex and long-term transitions. Why missions? When put into play with data, missions can help set a clear direction in uncertain times. They are targeted, measurable, and time-bound. Missions offer a platform for mobilizing resources; they unite and inspire people across businesses, academia, and government to work towards a common goal.

Missions build capacity – giving the people we work with the tools and methods to pursue and realize new opportunities for sustainable growth. They provide a framework for direct participation and learning through experimentation – to the benefit of organizations, society, and the planet.

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