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We understand that every business is unique.

We excel at combining and collecting human and business data and creating digital tools to optimize your business. We believe in tailored solutions on top of our platforms, avoiding one-size-fits-all approaches. Let's team up to make systematic change within your organization.

We collect and transform data into intelligent action platforms with a purpose:


Sales Data

Business intelligence




Customer Experience

Employee engagement



Product quality

Supplier quality

Service quality

Touchpoint surveys




Personal Development






Not just data in and data out.

We call ourselves data sense-makers

From data to actions

We're firm believers in solutions that benefit everyone within your organization. Our focus is on translating complex data into tangible actions within your operational framework, not just echoing the directives of top management.

Using data to empower people

We're firm believers that the solution itself should serve as a catalyst for cultural change among those involved. Our aim is to empower users to independently track and manage their everyday work lives.

Custom solutions for systematic change

We're not about dull reports and platforms that feel like just another task on your to-do list. We're all about creating engaging solutions that promote an interactive approach to work. That's the essence of Informs.

Featured case: Circle K

Instead of making a classic workplace assesment, we made a platform that allows store leaders to be mediators of a better workplace.

In collaboration with Circle K, Informs introduces a fresh perspective on workplace assessments. Our joint effort brings forth a platform where store leaders take the reins, fostering a more inclusive and positive work environment.

We do many things to improve businesses

Data management, Dashboards, Platform creation, Research, Task Management, Third-party Risk Management, e-learning, Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps, Development, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and much more...

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