People friendly
change management

We connect all of your data channels and enrich your feedback data with hard data for actual game changing efforts.

Our 3 step methodology

Asking the right questions is one thing. Without a follow-up and implementation strategy, the customers are left with a bad experience. What happened to my feedback?

Feedback management is all about asking the right questions at the right time.

Use your feedback to turn unhappy customers into happy customers. Compensate when you don't deliver.

Make your feedback a part of an employees everyday. Your employees should improve upon feedback.

Change starts at ground floor

Everyone can make a dashboard that's too advanced for anyone to understand. The real challenge is to make data that everyone can act upon. That's what we do.

Improvement areas this week:

Quotation (4)
Service (6)
Understanding of needs (5)

Turn data into decisions

It's easy to read data, but it can be hard to interpret the numbers. We turn numbers into decisions and actions, so you can focus on your core business.

Your data shows that the delivery is important for your customers. There's a correlation on 0,81 between delivery and loyalty.

We turn dialogue into strategy

It can be a challenge to structure dialogue data so it is easy to act upon. That's what we are specialists in. So lean back and let us do the hard work for you.

Top mentionings this week

Late delivery
Good service
Great prices

We have a plan for you


Basic NPS tracker with follow-up and dashboards. Start small grow big.

0 EUR /mo

What's included?
300 responses per month
Follow-up module
Dashboard reporting
Integration module

Informs Touch

Complete touchpoint platform for essential touchpoints


99 EUR /mo

What's included?
Unlimited responses
Follow-up module
Dashboard reporting
Integration module

Sales League

Improve your sales through gamification of sales data


249 EUR /mo

What's included?
League standings
eNPS and NPS automation
Dashboard insights
Integration module


Build your own solution to fit your needs

- EUR /mo

What's included?
Integration module


Improving NPS in all countries

With Atea we made a plan for NPS improvement in all of their countries. It all started with asking the right questions and engaging their employees in the plan of improving customer loyalty. With dashboards and integrations as the tools for change, we have been through a fantastic journey, where customer loyality has been improved.