Case: Atea Sweden

Improving supply chain ESG in a platform.


The challenge was to create a platform that effectively measures customer demands to suppliers within sustainability, addressing the growing need for transparency and accountability in supply chains.


We embarked on developing a comprehensive sustainability platform that enables customers to communicate their sustainability requirements to suppliers efficiently. Through robust data collection mechanisms and intuitive interfaces, our platform facilitates transparent and accountable supply chain practices. By aligning with industry standards and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aimed to empower stakeholders to make informed decisions towards sustainability.


The result of our efforts is a groundbreaking sustainability platform that facilitates seamless communication between customers and suppliers. By providing real-time insights into customer demands and supplier performance, our platform enables stakeholders to drive positive change towards sustainability goals. With increased transparency and accountability, our platform is driving meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future for all.

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Nike, Adidas, E-nettet, Jyske Bank, Nationalbanken, Lind&Risør, SAS Cargo, Sonos, Workshop Sweden, Danske Bank, FSOR, Randers Kommune, Svendborg Kommune, NETS, Vejle Kommune, ATEA, Det faglige hus, Google and many more...

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